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Research and



Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a global company integrating research and development, design and sales of intelligent electronic products. The company is committed to building a global well-known private brand – ACEFAST, through the global E-commerce websites and trade channels achieve full online and offline coverage. Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd. committed to continuously improving the status of Chinese consumer electronics brands in the global market. Through the continuous pursuit of high quality and practicality of products, we will bring high-quality products full of technological charm to consumers around the world.
Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd. will always take the user experience as the core and support it with an excellent supply chain to become a technology-based enterprise that is truly valuable to the society.

Brand Introduction

Brand—ACEFAST (parent company Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd.), ACE stands for first-class. FAST stands for speed. The brand is based on the rapid development of electronic and digital technology industry, which requires high-speed follow-up to consumer needs. We forge ahead and strive to create a leading brand. Since its inception, the brand has focused on the development of high-quality standard electronic and digital products, including charging, audio, cables, smart electronics and personal health care.
The brand insists on high quality as the foundation and new technology as the driving force to provide reliable and cost-effective products to consumers around the world.
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Gavin Ou

Founder & CEO

Accessories are not only an extension of the functions of smart devices, but also an attitude towards quality life.

Future Vision

Determined to improve the status of Chinese consumer electronics brands
in the world as our mission.


Our Products

  • PWRup series: 20W 32W 40W 65W.
  • GaN series: 30W 33W 45W 65W 100W.
  • Desktop fast charge: 65W 100W 120W.
  • Fast charge + dock station: 65W + HDMI 65W 100W 120W + HDMI + Ethernet port.
  • Car charger: High power fast charging 38W - 101W / LED display.
  • Acewire series.
  • C-C 100W: 11 core.
  • Mellow series: silicone cables.
  • AceHiFi series: Lightning / USB-C audio cables.
  • Thunder series: USB3.1 / USB3.2.
  • Video cable: USB-C / Lightning to HDMI.
  • Pure music TWS headset
  • Noise Reduction Series: ANC/ENC.
  • HFUN series: gaming low latency.
  • Car audio
  • Headphones
  • Desktop holder
  • Car holder
  • Wireless charging holder
  • Smart wireless charger: 2 in 1/3 in 1.
Smart devices

Future product planning

Always pay attention to new industry technologies and drive product updates.

It is our responsibility to create beautiful, practical and multi-functional products to satisfy consumers various needs.

Based on high quality and driven by new technology to create a better product experience for consumers.

Add more creative life products to make digital life richer and more exciting.


and advantages

Research and development


Have many top development engineers in the industry.


Top OEM suppliers in the industry.


Private mold products and patents.

acefast research and development personal
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Certified products

Can be certified by a local laboratory

Quality inspection

The company always adheres to the value concept of “integrity first, quality as the key link”, and constantly strengthens product quality control. All kinds of products will go through multiple confirmations and check at each level, and the products can flow to the market only when the quality meets the requirements, so that consumers can use it with peace of mind.

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acefast quality inspection 2 2
acefast quality inspection 2

Supply chain

1 Serving more than 3 high-quality international brands as a supplier.
2 Use industry leading technology, independent research
and development capabilities.
3 Industry-leading product quality control.
1 Possess independent product research and development capabilities.
2 Complete international certification management system.
3 Product quality is better than the industry average.
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and service

Product profit

Uniform retail
prices online
and offline.
Strictly control the final
retail price online
and offline.
Positioning in the mid-to-high-end
market with sufficient
profit margins.

Cooperation support

acefast cooperation support 01
Promote pictures and videos

Business pictures / detailed pictures / real shot video / rendered video.

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Excellent space design
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Brand image
Work clothes, shelves,

Store design A

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Store design B

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